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Jose Saucedo : “Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary human beings?”

Jose’ Saucedo
Introduce Yourself To The World?
Hello, my name is Jose saucedo I’m a Hispanic college student and part time worker. Who is very outgoing and likes to think of himself as an opportunist. My positive thoughts and attitudes have made me a more confident and optimistic person. I like to think I have a sixth sense of my things around me and I’m a very precasiuos person, with a hense or risk taking habits. I know for a fact my actions always seek out to help others even when I don’t have my much myself and try to lend people the knowledge they lack I’m wisdom.
How Do You Feel about people in society today?
Society can either be viewed in a negative way or positive way. I believe the way that the world treats you is how you view society. If you have had bad memories/experiences then you will be more reserved and negative towards life, and if you have had good experiences then you will view it more positive. Society now days is like a domino effect if one falls then others will act in the same way and fall down with you meaning everyone chooses the same path they walk on everyone is afraid to walk alone and choose their own. Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary human beings.
What are your goals in life?
I have had many hardships in my life… from bieng homeless jumping from shelter to shelter to not having enough food to eat at home or clean clothes to wear at school. Thank the lord that he has blessed my familly with a home a stable job and I was able to graduate highschool, buy my own car and even give back a little to the community like they have done for me and my familly. When I wasn’t younger my goal was to become professional soccer player. As I grew up my dreams became more realistic but I wanted to do something that would help others I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I graduated highschool that I kneeboarding I wanted to become an athletic trainer/personal trainer to help other people reach their goals not only that my short term goals was to graduate from college but difficulties have arrived I dont think I will have enough money to pay for my studies but I know one day I will go back to college and continue my 2 year degree and maybe start an entrepreneurship of some sort dealing with athletics.
What do you feel like your purpose in the world is?
I have been reading this book called “lead for God’s sake !” By Todd G. Gongwer he personally gave it to me at an FCA event (fellowship of christian athletes) and it’s about a coach who loses his way noticing that’s his life I so falling apart asking himself “what is my purpose in this world” and the book said “god created you first to glorify him in tournament life through your love for him and For others and you will ultimately be the best in life’” the most important factor: who you are vs who you were meant to be. God just may want to see wht you can do where you are, before he trusts you to go wherever you want to be. Relationships lie at the center of tournaments purpose

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