Jessica Maldonado thinks people in todays society are young adults because they have stumbled across an issue regarding a “certain way to be accepted”…

Jessica Maldonado
Introduce Yourself To The World?
Hello, I’m Jessica Maldonado. I am 18 years old I turn 19 on January 24th. Im an Aquarius, I haven’t met someone with my exact zodiac sign.. yet. I believe in equality for all. I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. I love to read as well as draw.
How Do You Feel about people in society today?
Today we live in a world where people judge others based off the way we choose to present ourselves. It’s a crucial time for us, young adults because we have stumbled across an issue regarding a “certain way to be accepted”… otherwise you won’t be. I don’t believe that. I believe that we are entitled to be whom we are and express ourselves freely without suffering serious backlash form it. I believe that societies expectations have set a bar too high for any one to reach, causing serious mental health complications for some. People today are too hurtful, cruel, vile and discriminative amongst those who are different. I believe people can become better friends, strangers, lovers and so forth if only we choose to improve ourselves and our way of life.
What are your goals in life?
My goals in life include me traveling the world. Experiencing the beautiful cultures, exotic foods, fashion, and people the world had to offer. I want to be able to say I went there rather than seeing pictures on the internet. I want to be able to see what life is really about and the beauty of it all. I want to pursue a career i believe is ideal for me, that I enjoy doing and that will benefit my dreams of traveling around the world. I want to be able to find love, being 19 and never having a boyfriend. I want to be able to set forth in that direction and expand my horizons- stepping out my comfort zone and build a realtionship with someone that sees me as more than just anything physical. I want to experience love and life.
What do you feel like your purpose in the world is?
Being a teenager in modern day society has affected me in both negative and positive ways… more negative than positive if I may say. I’ve lost several friendships along the way that have meant the world to me. I’ve let people hurt me, making me feel as if I was the one who was in the wrong. I’ve let my hairs down too many times to people who weren’t worth it. In the end, I’ve learned from my mistakes, my experiences and found a way to incorporate that into improving myself mentally and emotionally. I can’t say I haven’t found my resson or my purpose.. fact being- I’m only 18 so I haven’t exactly experienced life just yet. Although, I do believe the decisions and choices I’ve made all lead up to me finding my calling in life. I believe everything happens for a reason.. so, living each day and taking it as it is will guide me down the right path into finding my resson of being. As of now, I take each day as hard and challenging just as the day before

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