Share Your Story
So i was asked to share my story, so that’s what I am going to do.
Ever since I was a kid I was bullied by my classmates or society.
It was a torture, it wasn’t just mentally.
I would get beat up daily.
When I was 14 I got diagnosed with cancer.
They all Said they wish I die.
That’s the time my parents divorced.
You’d think it can’t get any worse…
But I Got My heart broken in the freaking hospital bed.
I tried to kill myself, I tried ending it all.
I failed tho, I self harmed alot I still have scars.
But I made through everything and I try My best not to kill myself.
I wish depression would leave me like faith left me back then.
Also I am sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not My first language.
Thank you for listening

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