Ryan Garcia feels like if God blessed me with financial stability then I should help others when they need it.


Ryan Garcia

Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?

Ya know growing up, my family wasn’t really a church going family. Yeah I went to church with my dad sometimes and he prayed with me but that was when I was too young to understand. I thought God was just there to help me not have nightmares.

As I grew older, I was kinda forced to move to Millington in 8th grade. And at the time I hated it! 3 months after we moved in, our entire house burned down and it took us the whole school year to get back in it.

9th grade came around and I tried to fit in. I rode the bench for our freshman basketball team, I was bullied, and on top of all that I looked for my worth in a girl that I spent 9 nine months in a toxic relationship with.

After we broke up, beginning of tenth grade I was struggling to find something to just fill this emptiness that I had. I became really involved in broadcasting which went well but at the same time… my family was falling apart.

My big brother was in rehab for the 5th time that year, I was still lost and I was put in the middle of my parents trying to get a divorce. And no one knew about it.

I was in broadcasting one day and I seen this guy named chance, editing a video and I just seen all these popular kids from school in one place so I asked him what is that and he told me young life.

At first I was very uneasy about going to young life but then I met this guy named Luke Sadler and I don’t know why but when he shook my hand and invited me, I just felt this urge to go and I did.

And I haven’t missed More than 7 clubs since. Young life was this place where I could be myself even though I prolly didn’t even know myself at the time, but it was a place where I was not judged.

When I was there they talked about Jesus and I wasn’t really in the place where i wanted to meet Jesus but they were okay with that.

Then came around for summer camp and chance was persistent about me going but I couldn’t. Then I went 11th grade year and chance was my leader. Which was amazing.

I went to camp and I experienced something that I’ve never experienced before, joy!

And that week I also met this guy named Jesus. Someone who looks at me and loves me. He doesn’t care about my past he just loves me for me. And I gave my life to Christ and have stumbled in my faith, but that’s every human.

Then my senior year chance became my only leader and we became best friends and

After camp that summer I did work crew at THE WINDY GAP. And I not only learned real life skills but I improved my relationship with Jesus Christ. For the first time ever, I read the Bible on my own. I learned how to talk to God. I seen God’s work. While I was serving, 320 kids gave their life to Christ at camp. And it felt amazing to know that I helped with that.

Now I want to give kids the same experience to go from not even knowing a lick about Jesus to learning that he died for us to have a life with him. So I am currently going through leader training to meet kids where they are and love them the way I was loved by Luke and chance. And hopefully bring them with me to the kingdom of God.

What do you value most from your country?


Who influences you to go after your goals?

1. Jesus

2. Young life leaders

3. Little sister

4. My future kids

What advice can you give a teen about going through hardships?

If I were to give it a team going through hardship some advice, I would tell them that nothing that you are worrying about right now it’s going to matter in four years. you have your whole life ahead of you, and God has promises for a hope and a future in your life

If you and only three wish to change your family or the world’s life what would they be?

I would take sin away.

I would ban the devil.

And I would fill everyone’s hearts with the love of Jesus Christ

Was there a time u helped others out?

That’s my job, I work for a nonprofit called young life. Help others all the time I’m such a giving person. I feel like if God blessed me with financial stability then I should help others when they need it

Are you happy in the position you are now in life?

I’m exactly where God wants me to be so I’m perfectly fine with that.

What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?

What are some of your deal breakers when it comes to a friendship or relationship

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