Makiyah Franklin

Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?

My name is Makiyah Franklin I’m a young black African American female and today’s life is very hard going up especially if you’re coming up from a struggle and I’m here to not only help our race but all races get thru the struggle

What do you value most from your country?

-equal rights for all races

-stop all the killing and violence

Who influences you to go after your goals?

-rosa parks

Claudette colivent

-Dr.Martin Luther King

What advice can you give a teen about going through hardships?

-pray to God about your problems

-think of everyday is a better day strive for better days

– find something u good at to take your mind off of bad things

If you and only three wish to change your family or the world’s life what would they be?

-give back to the homeless and help our communities end drug use, violence,murdering each other things like that to make our community and my family better .

Was there a time u helped others out?

Yes, I love to talk to little children that’s younger than them I try to be a example for them

Are you happy in the position you are now in life?

No,I’m not but I can change the way things are happening in my life my life can make a difference to others all around.

What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?

– what inspires u to chase your dreams?

-what movations or something u could say to inspire not just childern but everyone around

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