Hi, I’m Jon and currently I’m a full time student and In my last year of nursing school. Originally from Washington state. Currently in Colorado for school

What inspires you do what you do?

Firstly, Inspiration behind what I do is the love of helping people, caring for them, and supporting them in time of need. Second, My family was not rich growing up. My parents made just enough to meet the everyday needs. They did everything they could to provide for my brother and I. Now, it’s time for us to give back to them and take care of them. Thirdly, I want to set a good example for the people around myself and my kids when I have them. Lastly, my wife always inspires me to look for the good in the people regardless of who they are. Always give them the benefit of the doubt.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

Staying in the past will only bring regret. Thinking about the future will only cause worry. Staying in present will bring you joy, happiness and above all build a stronger character that can defeat the past and conquer the future.

Worry only brings trouble never peace.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone then don’t say anything at all.

Humility will take you far in life and open many doors of opportunity for you.

When people fall down uplift them because you were there once and you know how it feels.

with age comes wisdom. Share that wisdom to uplift, inspire and guide people.

What is a positive message you would like to give others?

Find contentment in what you have because once you do you’ll never be disappointed in yourself or jealous of other.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Ultimate goal is to get my MD and to have just enough to support my family and parents. Also, to support, motivate, and influence people around me by being a positive role model

Last question how do you feel about life in general?

Life is an enigma. You never know where it will take you so all you can do is stay positive and take it one day at a time. Let tomorrow worry about itself because you can never change the past but you can always set yourself up for success for tomorrow through positivity and hard work.

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