I’m Edmie Mijares 25yrs of age. My birthday on july 5 1995. Im from Philippines. And i am here now in saudi arabia working being overseas filipino worker (ofw) .

What inspires you everyday?

Inspires me everyday? My FAMILY. Coz they are the reason why i came here . And i want to pay all there sacrifices.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?


What is a positive message you would like to tell others?

Just stay who they are. Nothing to change. Be faithful, and no matter what happen always Pray. God is always listen. Godbless☺☺

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?

Always struggled me Problem

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Simple. To live a peaceful mind,peaceful sorroundings with my family,and live a simple life. Thats it😊

Last question how do you feel about life?

Life is so wonderful. We need to enjoy every single day. Just having fun. Do whatever makes you happy. Coz God give you this with a purpose❤.

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