I’m currently taking a gap year, I just moved to Australia from Vancouver I’m currently in hotel isolation that’s ran by the military, I’m originally from Brisbane Australia but I moved to Melbourne when I was 6 and then I moved to Vancouver when I was 12, I’ve returned home this year after graduation to be closer to my family, I have a huge passion for cultivating marijuana.

So what is something in life that inspires you everyday?

close minded people, I am inspired by them honestly, Hard to make sense of The fact I can meet someone and simply have a conversation with them to open their mind to a world of possibility’s inspires me so much Introducing them to what they would’ve never even thought of before The medicine they never thought to try.

What is a positive message you would like to tell others?

Well I have a quote “ every now and then a mans mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions” ~Henry David thoreou Also I keep this in mind everyday Everything happens for a reason.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goals in life is totally to identify myself, adding to my character development becoming more & more spiritual as each day passes and ofc to reach god to create a life I love

What is way you would like to contribute to the world?

I contribute to the world everyday but smiling to strangers complimenting them, making sure they feel seen although it’s hard rn during covid I love listening to strangers, hearing their story’s, laughing with them and building a connection i feel like you never know what that conversation your having does for somebody, they could’ve used ur little ego booster I strive to raise awareness of what those need to know about ie fuck da feds, uighur Muslim’s, speaking out about what I think our school systems need to be doing to ensure we are educated correctly what eating meat and dairy does to our planet and our bodies

What is a moment in your life that was life-changing for you?

In grade 9 when I took 5 gram of magic mushrooms Opened me up so much to what I didn’t like about myself and how I can be better, made me realize so much of the people around me and what they were doing that I found toxic or that I found pleasant Really made me take a step back And see from a different perspective.

Last question, how do you feel about life and what were some changes did you make to be where you are now?

I feel like life is an endless adventure to do what you haven’t, meet the people you may love or may hate, but this is all a learning and growth opportunity But I used to think so negatively about myself, I am ugly, I’m unfit, I am not smart, I have no future blah blah blah I decided I needed to change what I was thinking there is so much power in the words we speak and think I decided I needed to change what I was thinking there is so much power in the words we speak and think i had to change and even if I didn’t believe it I just had to say it to myself, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am successful, there is good things coming to me, I am loved and deserving That mindset got me out of a big shlump, better than any antidepressant any doctor has given me fuck the meds, it’s all about your mindset I preach this upon all my homies the law of attraction

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