Nancy Beaulieu share’s her heartwarming story about her life, her passions, work and family life, Read her inspiring story ❤️


Hi I am Nancy Beaulieu, and I am a photographer and an influencer from Chilliwack BC Canada. I found influencing February 2019 and I instantly knew it was meant to be. As a teenager I had a love for fashion and beauty and modelling and I explored that with all of my heart and all of my passion. I ended up really enjoying editing photos which I would do because I did practice shoots with photographers that would give me a disk of unedited images. I found it fun to sort through 700 images and select the best ones and then edit them. I found myself critiquing work of other people saying if only they didn’t crop in so tight or if only they shot from a different angle. I then decided I would start taking photos and see if I had the eye. Turns out I did. In December 2011 I started my own photography business. People always said narrow the type of photography down that you do so you can get fantastic at something. I enjoyed product photography but there really wasn’t any work in that. So I did a lot of real estate listings and portrait work and whatever work I could get. After I finally joined Instagram I then realized there is lots of work out there for product photography… it was called influencing. Five days a week or more I get to photograph products in many creative ways and I love it. I also get to do a bit of modelling. That passion in me never died. So with my love of modelling and editing and photography and fashion products and beauty I am exactly where I need to be. I have also gotten married and had two kids over the years and homeschooled. I constantly tell myself I could be even further ahead if I only had more time on my hands. Even though things seem to take twice as long to get done because I have a family I’m not letting that stop me. I am giving my career everything I’ve got. I have big dreams and goals and I will not stop until I get them.

What inspires you to keep pushing through life despite what you have been through in your past?

I want to be a great mom and a great influence to my children. I want to show them how to be strong independent and positive. I also value happiness and I want them to always chase their dreams. I want them to be confident in their skills and abilities. It’s super easy to feel confidence when you do what you love. I’ve never felt like giving up on life, or my children, or my passion. Whenever we challenge ourselves we grow and learn and become a better person. Whenever there’s an obstacle I always know that if I push through I will overcome it. if I can teach my children that then I can teach them how to be strong.

What is it like being a mother for the future moms out there?

Being a mom is One of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face in your life. It also gives you so many perspectives. You appreciate the little things again. A smile and a laugh from your child is the greatest euphoria. Watching your children discover their fingers and toes and how to use them makes you appreciate how far you’ve come. You learn to be a completely selfless. You grow an even bigger heart than you already had and love someone more than you ever thought you could. You are constantly being faced with challenges daily and then you tend to pile even more on your plate and continue to challenge yourself because you just get used to being challenged. Because of this you become a superwoman! You end up growing even more compassion in your heart for other mothers or anyone who is suffering.

What is a positive message you would like to tell others in the world?

Life can always get better. You can choose to create a happy story. All you have to do is be conscious about your thoughts, words and actions. Always try to feel good and keep positive. Recognize when your negative and then change the channel. Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. Manifest your reality one happy thought at a time. Be grateful for life and appreciative for everything. See opportunities in all situations including ones that appear awful. Know that persistence pays off and believe in yourself. Even if you no good at something keep believing you’ll get better and then you will attract the lessons to improve. Keep practicing and you’ll eventually out-skill others even when you thought you never would. Never give up on yourself or your dreams. Emit love and you’ll attract a beautiful life.

What is an ultimate goal of yours in life?

My top goals in life are to raise happy healthy children, to be married till death do us part, to achieve financial independence thriving in happiness and wealth, and to be in the best shape of my life by 40 years old.

What is the hardest thing you’ve been through in life and how did you overcome it?

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint just one hard life experience, so I’ll mention a few:

– Being raped & Beaten on one occasion as a teen.

– Having a miscarriage right before Christmas time and experiencing hives for that week.

– Having C Sections when I so badly wanted all natural births and prepared for them with hypnobirthing.

– Having a high needs baby boy with colic for 4 months.

– Almost losing my husband to pneumonia and having to figure out the finances while he was off work for 2+ months, while being the only parent to care for 2 children under age 4, then catching pneumonia myself.

I overcame the situation of my husbands illness and all the stress and worries by keeping a positive mindset. I also had an amazing sister-in-law who is the head nurse of Royal Columbian Hospital talk me through everything that was happening, and she made sure her brother had the very best care, so he could survive. He was on life-support and was put in a coma. The wait for a lung transplant was so long that if he needed it he wasn’t going to get it. He had to fight the illness, or he was going to die in his 30s. I kept posting updates on his situation to my social media & many people offered to help in any way they could. I kept telling myself he would get better and that he wasn’t going to die. I just kept as positive as I could and did not let myself fall into dark sad depressing thoughts. I did my best to keep it all together and run the household. He pulled through and we did not lose our house. I made lots of financial calls to different companies for bills to have them paused or reduced and things went well with that. Surprisingly our critical illness insurance will only cover you if your lung fails & you are actually getting the transplant or you die. Kind of sad that your critical illness only helps you when it’s too late. Luckily our finances ended up being OK. Most importantly my husband has recovered very well and health is extremely important to me more now than it ever was, even though it was already high on my priority list.

Last question, how would you like to contribute to the world?

My contribution to the world is to spread love, positivity, creativity, and hopefully change peoples lives by sharing a great health product with them. Also down the road I’d be happy to mentor other influencers. I also love bringing joy to people with my photography. I like to make them look and feel great in photo sessions.

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