Hey my name is José Reyes I reside in California but was born in Mexico My family and I decided to move here when I was a 12-year-old child in order to get a better education than we were getting at the time My mother hoped for the best, and we thank god that we did. I am currently working at vinagre factory doing labor which allows me to pay for my college classes. My goal is to get an AA in accounting in order to get a better paying job to further my education. Yes I’m 24 years old and haven’t manage to get my AA yet but when I graduated from high school I moved out of my parents house seeking a better life. I ended up working in the fields for two year. Two years that felt like a decade and made me realized that if I didn’t continue my education I would be working tiredly till the end of time. My parents offer to help me with a roof over my head as long as I continue studying. I did go to school for some time unfortunately COVID-19 happened and my lack of discipline did not help with completing my online classes. I thought it was lack of discipline but I’m starting to think I might suffer from ADHD. I’m getting through life with a positive attitude although it’s stress full at time, specially nowadays, I enjoy being by the beach specially at night because it helps me get through all the stress I go through the day. People have big expectations of me and it’s frightens me that I’ll not be able to fulfill them.

What is a way you would like to contribute the world?

At one point in life I would like to become an auditor to help to protect the public from being lied by businesses. Avoid wrong doing which can lead to the market crashing again like it did in 2008 People loosing their investments as a result of miss classification on the accounting books, companies where placing short-term debt as a long-term debt by manipulating similar accounts They got away with it until eventually they run out of money They then declared bankruptcy and the stocks prices dropped My goal is to be able to prevent that from happening again.

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