Hey! I’m Kelly Harris, I just turned 20, and I’m from Fort Lauderdale. I’m a sophomore at The University of Notre Dame majoring in political science & film/television/theatre and minoring in digital marketing, musical theatre, and the Glynn Family Honors Program. When I’m not studying, I usually am singing, making tiktoks, or staying politically active.

What inspires you everyday?

I’m a very ambitious and driven, yet compassionate and caring person. I want to be known for making a difference in the world and I hope to have a long lasting legacy. Everyday, I am pushed by a drive to live up to the expectations and goals I have set for myself. So overall, the want to help other people is what gets me out bed every morning.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

I’ve always believed that if you shoot for the moon, you will land among the stars. If I want something, I make my goal something even more grandiose than the original. If I set sights higher, it makes it easier to attain what I was reaching for in the beginning.

What is a positive message you would like to give others?

As cliché as it is, I would tell people to never give up. At times life may get hard and it feels like everything is against you, but the lowest lows make for the highest highs. I’ve always kept that mentality throughout the adversaries in life and I hope that it can help others the way it has helped me.

What is the best thing to ever happen to you in life?

I think that’s really hard to say because I’ve had so many blessings in my life. I think the best thing would have to be my birth defect. If it was not for my clubfoot, I wouldn’t be who I am today because I would not have faced the adversities that come with having a birth defect. Everything that has happened in my life has made me into the person I am today, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Last question, what is a way you would like to contribute to the world?

So ever since I was a young girl, I was inspired by Princess Grace Kelly and how she went out of her way to help others in the world. I decided that I wanted to be just like her and use my platform to make change in order to help people. Obviously it’s very hard to become a princess, so I decided that I would be come the next best thing, The President of The United States of America. I want to be someone who can unite the nation and be a force for good in the world. I will make the world a better place.

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