My name is Dilruk De Silva I’m a multimedia Artist who is from the DMV but is now based in NY. I’m an actor who graduated from AADA, I make clothing with my clothing brand D.A.D Creative Ventures, I do stand up, I rap, I sing, I model, I write, I draw, I edit, I do photography, etc. haha you name it I’ve probably tried something along the lines of it.

What inspires you to do all that you do?

A specific message that I usually want to relay, usually with the umbrella mission in mind which is “to redirect people’s perspective on a better path of understanding, or relate to them.” That and obviously an aesthetic that attracts my eye, makes me inspired, or hypes me up and ish.

What is an ultimate goal in life you want to achieve?

Wow, um first off health and prosperity for myself and my family then 2nd off absolute creative freedom and being able to balance my work with find relaxation time to spend adequately with the family that I one day create for my own with lil kiddos and such.

What is a positive message you would like to tell others in the world?

I want to put out the message that, peace, understanding, and self-love is a real process, it has its layers. You can never judge a book by its cover, and the process is different for everyone. I want people to be inspired to live in the present and live in their truth to the fullest of its ability, it’s something that I feel that I’m working on.

What is the best thing that has ever happened in your life?

Hmm wow, I feel like I would personally have to say D.A.D DAY 2k19. I host this thing called D.A.D DAY that I have held for 3 years now. It’s supposed to be a celebration of art under the umbrella of D.A.D similar to your strides. My friends who are photographers would take photos of the event which gives different perspectives, the artists would contribute to a raffle to raise money for them and the brand, and the musicians would perform as well. So that year’s D.A.D DAY was beautiful it was great to see my friends perform and take photos and support each other, we had cake, and my academy did an interview with me, so they mention D.A.D DAY on their official page now. So I’d have to say that because I couldn’t believe that I did that, my friends from VA came too so that was amazing too.

What is something in life you’ve struggled with?

I think I’ve struggled with a feeling of inadequacy which comes from a number of things, sometimes it hits me because of how people in this country with my skin are treated, I’m also an artist, so I just automatically compare myself to others, The way I live as well. I’m not around money and I haven’t really been around too much, I mean I’m not poor and of course I am aware that there are people in worse places than me in America and around the world like Africa or Yemen, but yeah that leads me into a pit of thinking my problems aren’t anything in comparison but I’m still not in the best place or where I would want myself or my family to be in at this moment.

Last question, how do you feel about your life?

Hmm! I feel content you know, I feel like objectively I’m in a pretty good spot. I’m in an environment that fosters and facilitates my growth as a person and as an artist. But it could be much better of course you know, I won’t dance until I’m across the finish line and I believe they are multiple versions throughout life but yeah at this moment I think I’m content. Especially during an unexpectedly terrible climate such as this haha it could very much be worse for real. So lastly all I would like to ask anyone reading this or follows me, all I ask is for your support, love, and patience. I also ask that you have that for yourself and others please don’t half ass this life.

Photograph by Kendal Carpenter

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