I’m from Australia and I currently work at a sports center managing that and also help create sports programs to keep people active. Range 5 all the way to 85-90, spare time is where I like to work on myself in the gym. 

What inspires you to do your work & gym?

Work- I love seeing people keep fit and active and I feel absolutely a sense of purpose helping people get out and exercise even if it’s for 30 minutes a day. We are making them forget a few things from whatever they are dealing with. Especially with people being in lockdown now to be able to release that mental stress aspect is something amazing.

Gym- I suffered to injuries back to back last year. First I broke my arm, 2 weeks out of my cast I broke my leg. I put on about 14 kg during that time. After I got out of my boot for my leg I needed to do rehab and start getting strength back. After a few months I was seeing incredible results and it keeps me motivated to this day to keep pushing. I never want to go back to where I was during those times. It’s also great for mental health and makes you feel a better person mentally and physically.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

It’s what you do In the dark that puts you in the light. You put the effort in behind close doors, work on yourself and the light will shine brighter than ever before

Yoo that’s some realness right there,  what is your ultimate goal in life?

Yeah man some good stuff 👌🏼

Ultimate goal, good question. Probably move to a national level for work and implement programs that help the community get active or move towards an elite level, Gym work, pretty much to stay fit and healthy and maintain a nice healthy lifestyle

How do you feel about your life?

Loving life man, I have no regrets at all. I’ve travelled a lot in my life I’ve seen the world and lived a pretty amazing life so far. Experienced different cultures throughout the world

What is something in life you’re thankful for?

Having an absolutely loyal and loving family circle, doesn’t all mean blood family but friends that are just like family. People that will always motivate and push you to do better

Last question what is a positive message you would like to share to the world?

Hmm, I think in times like this we need to embrace what today will bring and show love to everyone all around. Stay positive, work hard and make it happen 🙌🏻

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