My name is Jane! I’m from Texas. I don’t have a job currently due to the hurricane that just came through, but I do take care of the yard and our animals!!

What inspires you everyday

How even though I am yet one person, someone created me for a reason. And I no longer will wait to find out what that is. Being alive inspires me, if that’s not weird to say?

What is an ultimate goal in life that you have?

To have my own place in Italy. To live in a beautiful meadow surrounded by either lamb or alpacas haha. And settle down with a family. I don’t know too much about a job, which is sad to say. But, I’ve always wanted a child before a job? Odd huh.

What is a positive message you would like to share with the world?

Thank you! And I want to share this. The most important thing in life is yourself. It will always be yourself. You have one body, one mind. Take care of yourself, love yourself, enjoy yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and it’s sad to think that people can’t see that. To love yourself, is to love the universe, the ocean, flowers, etc. We are all things beautifully made, so smile whenever you’re feeling down. Touch the earth, raise your hands to feel the breezes or leaves between your fingers, touch the ocean, touch the sand. Everyone is made for a reason, never stop trying to find your reason, and always remember without you in this world, the world would be dull, and less bright.

What does love mean to you?

Love means a lot of things to me. Love is kissing someone on the cheek, even while they’re asleep, just letting them know you’re off for the day. Love is having coffee or tea made. Love is opening doors for the other, pulling out chairs. Love is loud kindness and loud flirtations that last forever, and still mean so much. Love is honesty and loyalty. Love is holding hands in public, love is holding each other at night. Love is being able to cry openly, fully without being ashamed or feeling rejected after doing so. Love is sending pictures or songs to someone and saying this reminds me of you, or listen to this or look at this.

What is a way you would like to contribute to the world?

Help every person in need. As in if they needed money for food, clothes, shelter I got them. I just want everyone to have something they need and or want. I want everyone happy which is totally unrealistic. But, I just. Want to be a help while I’m alive.

Last question how do you feel about your Life?

I hate it.

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