Sebastian Espinel drops some facts to us about life and words of inspiration.


Im Sebastian Espinel, a sophomore in high school, I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life but my family is Colombian.

What inspires you every day?

Probably the musicians I listen to honestly. I dont really get inspired to do much usually but when I do it’s when I listen to music

What is some words of positivity that you live by?

In madness lies sanity, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

What is something you are passionate about?

Eventually leading a successful music production career

What is a way you would contribute to others in the world?

Teach a more creative and expressive way of life, Because there’s not enough creativity anymore.

How do you feel about life?

I feel like its strange that we’re the only known planet in the entire cosmos with intelligent life, so if anything it’s an absolute miracle that I’m even alive. The chances of me being born in the first place is like 1 in 400 trillion, yet I’m here, so why not enjoy the very little amount of time I have on this earth that is really nothing but a gift. And I don’t fear death, but I used to fear the afterlife and what is to come after we leave this world, but not even that scares me anymore. Im not religious, but I’d consider myself very spiritual, so I have a very philosophical and balanced outlook on life.

Balanced because I know this world has its pros and cons, but everything evens out and pays off in the end. My ideology is that you just need to go with the flow because life will take you in all the paths that will eventually favor you the best. 

Last question, what are some things you would like to tell others in the world?

Don’t stress. Stressing out over things is the least productive thing you could do, because it accomplishes nothing, while creating a negative attitude and mindset over situations. Life is supposed to be enjoyed not dreaded, so just don’t let things bring you down and stress you out no matter how complicated or difficult it may be, you have to keep going and stay calm. Everything will work out eventually. There is a plan for every single one of us

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