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Meadow Share’s Inspiring Story Of Staying Positive and Helping The World.


Im from Kentucky I like to draw listen to music come up with stories I’m pretty funny I’m very easy to get along with i dont have much nice things but my heart is the only nice thing I have left I honestly look up to a lot of people I try my hardest to make everyone happy

What inspires you every day?

The strength God has given me with all this stress

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

“People are like sunsets they come and go but the true ones stay like the air that we breathe✨💖

What is an ultimate goal of yours in life?

To make others happy in life

What is something you would do to help people around the world?

Give them money to help for whatever they may need

What is a positive message you would like to tell the world?

“No matter how hard life seems still look on the positive side”

Last question what is a moment in your life that was life-changing for you?

Holding my brother for the first time when he was born even before his parents held him


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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