Okay, I’m from Black Rock, Melbourne I’m in year 12 at Sandringham secondary collage and after school I aspire to be a brand manager so looking to study communications and public relations at Deakin uni in 2021!

What inspires you to be a brand manager?

When I was young I was always very attracted to luxury brands and as I got older I realized I wanted to be more involved in the industry and what is behind making these ‘luxury brands’ different from others.

What is some words of wisdom you live by?

‘Everything happens for a reason’ would probably be a saying I really live by and often try to come back to when something negative happens in my life

What does love mean to you?

Love to me (in the most simplified version) means to have a sense of trust, belonging a security in someone

What is a powerful message you would like to send to people in the world?

Probably just to live life to the fullest; you don’t want to get to an old age and have regrets about what you wish you did.

Last question what is an ultimate goal in life you want to achieve?

I think if I feel fulfilled and happy in my career and life and am able to provide myself with a stable and productive life by working hard to achieve any of my goals; major or smaller, I would be achieving the life goal many people, including myself, would like.

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