Hello My Name Is Tyler Occasionally People Call Me Purp Or Jave , I Run A Business Called FettiEnt Where We Promote Many Artists Including Providing The Best Services too get !

What is your inspiration for helping artists grow their music and expand?

Their stories, everybody either fears to put their craft out there or has so much to tell, I like to grow fettient as a family, whatever you in need of assistance with or in need of help in any other ways we can help and do what you need done many won’t do for you, we’re just trying to push everybody’s vision too winning 🙏🏽

What is some words of wisdom you would like to give to others?

Aim towards what you desire the most, nobody will hand you anything, you have to want it, many claims instead of doing, Grind till your drained fully till the day your progress shows truly when you show how much you admire yourself and your work.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life past or present?

Not taking advantage of the times i wanted too manifested most, this world is filled with many souls who are numb to the pain and are drained then there are those who can be strong-minded with a hard head being able too manifest those most important things that need to be more eyed. Self-love/care is another thing I’ve missed out on a lot in the past and lately everybody has a story it’s only your choice to tell it if you’d wish, if that person is afraid to let there’s out Done NOT bash them for it, we are all in need of healing and there only rare people in this world who are willing to offer help anytime Any day, cherish those people and their energy.

What is a moment in life that was life-changing for you?

When I was 6 I’ve raised myself, I had a mother but no father but in the end my mother was always gone, so I would hustle and motivate myself, growing up seeing how evil people and the world can be showed me what I don’t want to be, I’ve grown up very alone and anti-social but I’ve built ways to communicate more of course if I’m going to be doing my business as well, there’re many things that has changed my vision of life in many many many ways , it was never one time I believe it changed for good because we always have learning and progressing to do no matter how young or old 🙏🏽

What are some big goals you have in life right now?

The main goals are to make sure my company and clients get the empowerment they deserve, I see many artists showed no support who are hidden gems too me, it cost $0 to show support, another one of my main goals is to find myself, I’ve been attempting to study myself over the years (may sound odd) because of how the way my mind works I feel as if others can’t relate at all too my thoughts of stress, meditation is also another good way to push the stress off easily, find your true self.

Last question what are your plans for the rest of 2020?

For the remainder of time I’m going to sit and observe, move in silence and remain humble with myself towards others 🙏🏽

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