Rising Music Star Olamilekan Asuni (Ozzkino)Shares His Story


I am Olamilekan Asuni, from Nigerian…. I’m ungraduated working as artisan before but right now I’m hip hop artist on my own doing this music career although I came from poor background but I thank God that we are still survived by God GRACE.

What inspires you to go after your goals?

Hmmm I want to be Champ of my family to make them proud of me, cos my dad don’t really support me when I started to show them my skills in music knowledge but I thank God that he was among of my supporters right now.

What is some words of wisdom you live by every day to help you get through each day?

Mostly, some people tells me to never give up on my hustle, till my time will comes to shine the SUPERSTAR  light on me.

What is a moment in your life, that was life-changing for you?

I want to be a Legend in music career

Who would you like to collaborate with in music?

 A lot

Last question, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2020?

I’m about to drop an EP 🎼 before the rest of 2020.



Jeremy Manning -Owner of TNWTL MOVEMENT Corp -Owner Of Palomade

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