So my names Jade and I’m a health care assistant , I work with clients who suffer from complex care needs – I love this line of work simply because it is so rewarding to know that I may be helping provide someone with a better life. I live in Devon , in a small town where quite frankly there isn’t much to do but at least the sea is close and Dartmoor isn’t too far either!

What is like being a health worker, what challenges do you face at times?

It’s one of those jobs where no two day’s are the same, I have more recently been working in clients homes which is different to anything I have done before so it has been a bit strange adapting to working in someone’s house but it makes for a nice work environment. There are many challenges in health care, primarily the responsibility and occasional stress especially if a patient is unwell or distressed but you learn how to care for each person as an individual. It has been particularly challenging lately due to covid, the additional PPE for example and new regulations have made work more stressful but I feel I’m accustomed to this new way of work now

What are some words of wisdom that help you get through each day?

I kind of just remind myself that what will be will be and so dwelling on things and expecting too much from yourself will only bring negative energy into your life

Describe a situation where you felt you accomplished something that was life-changing for you?

I was a birthing partner for my mum with my youngest brother, he’s now three. It was incredible, just being in the room while this amazing new life was being born and cutting the umbilical cord was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Once he was born I felt completely astounded by how amazing women are and full of accomplishment for being part of something so special

What’s something you’ve struggled with in life, past or present?

In the past, specifically my teens I struggled a lot with my mental health. I had an array of diagnosis from the age of about 16, it was really hard for me because I actually ended up missing time from school and social events because I had to go and visit my psychiatrist or counsellor. I was very lucky to get the help I did though , even if it did take a lot of time and perseverance! I’m far better now than I was but for me , mental health is something I have learnt to maintain and nurture rather than overcome and that’s quite okay with me

What does love mean to you?

To me love means being known, love is that person who can tell in an instinct whether or not you’ve had a good day, it’s someone rubbing your hand while watching a dumb movie just so you know they’re their. It’s going for a walk with your bestfriend and not having to talk because the silence is good enough , it’s every little thing about life that makes you feel at home – to me anyway

Last question what is an ultimate goal in life you’re looking to achieve? ❤

I am currently studying a psychology degree alongside work full time (tiresome) but I hope to one day qualify as a SENCO psychologist and work with special educational needs students in schools or even in my own practice. A girl can dream!

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