As of now I make music I also box and I drive as delivery driver for medical transports and Amazon, I’m from Long Island but born in flat bush Brooklyn

Bet bro so you’re an entrepreneur, what is your inspiration to do what you do fam?

Well just a good way to express my moods, Therapy for me Makes me feel good also just to hear something I created And put time in I like the ideal of that 

What is some words of wisdom you live by you would like to share with others?

I don’t have a specific quote but I do like to just give it my all every single day, And do something productive everyday If not I feel my day was wasted Could be right or

Wrong but it helps get things done I just like to get things done I would tell people not to care about what people think of them ever and don’t be afraid to follow or pursue things your mind thinks of constantly

What is an ultimate goal in life that you have?

Just to be able to help people out and live comfortable at the same time find true purpose, None of this stuff matters you know 

Just on earth it does So just being able to make the temporary experience easier for me and others would be a blessing within itself

What is something you’ve struggled with In life past or present?

Past – not having any real role models or proper guidance always catching myself teaching myself Or even learning through lessons

Present struggles / guess finding more connects with the music industry you know finding people who care about music and not just money But my struggles are really none besides finding genuine connections with people who have good intentions Feels like everyone’s out to get yah or get something out of you scary times

That’s some real stuff bro no cap, what is a way you’d like to contribute to the world?

I mean I’d like to just leave my print you know Don’t need statues n shit LMAO But just to know I left some motivation or even said something that triggered the next persons mind sits right with me I’m a fan of keeping the earth clean also as I got older Would litter a lot as a teen and kid Realizing shits really wrong Shit guess just make the world a bit better Id prob aim toward ending world

Hunger and homelessness Shits not right 2020, and we still have those problems

Last question, what is your plans for the rest of 2020?

Just to continue to make music continue to box, continue to work hard at anything I decide to pick up tap into different sounds, make

Wiser decisions as always tho, try to be more optimistic, spend more time with family n friends, life’s short you know can’t forget to make memories while u still can, also want to reach out to people I haven’t spoken to often let em know I think of them from time to time but sometimes we all get caught up in trying to

Become the best version of ourselves we forget the little things Eat healthier Although I always say that But just try to put the pieces together and give myself a better life Id like to travel a bit more and see more try new dishes New restaurants Maybe find me a lady who knows Whatever God got for me I’ll try to accomplish it Read more Just things that help keep me elevating 

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