I’m Jennifer, I’m 21 years old born and raised in Los Angeles! I run a business alongside my partner in finances. We help people grow and protect their assets. For fun I listen to podcasts, read, go out with friends!

What interest you the most about working in finance?

Being able to help people retire comfortably and start  investing to buy a house or send their kids to college!

What is some words of wisdom you that you live by?

You have to be mentally tough to go chase your goals in life! Use your circumstances in life to better yourself and others around you

What is a moment in life, that was life-changing?

I grew up with an alcoholic father saw my mom paying for the bills by herself almost losing the house 2-3 times and I knew that I needed to work hard build a business that would change my families lives and change the lives of my future kids

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?

I’m not sure lol I feel like everyone has hardships but I’ve always been able to overcome the things I face I think you just have to be super obsessed with self improving

What are your thoughts on the world today?

There’s definitely a lot of changes going on I think it’s a crazy and weird place right now there’s also a lot of evil people. I don’t get into worldly views or politics

Last question what are your plans for the rest of 2020?

By next month I’ll be an insurance broker, end of this year I’m taking over the mortgage payments for my mom and my boyfriends grandparents

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