I’m Chloe Cantillon and I’m 18 years old, I’m from a small city in Ireland known as limerick! From the age of 9 I was in care and fostered by an amazing family who done nothing but support me and gave me the perfect life, at the age of 17 I left my foster family and decided to live with my sister in a town called Newcastle West after a while I eventually moved in with my boyfriend! I love to work and I’m definitely not afraid of hard work either, I do beauty I’m a qualified nail technician since the age of 16 and strive to be a part of the beauty industry!

What is your inspiration to be in the beauty industry?

Since a very young age I’ve always looked up to my older sisters, seeing them do well in life and practice and practice to make everything perfect and get a good education with a good job and I myself have always wanted the same! My eldest sister has beauty courses done and I’ve seen how happy it makes her doing what she loves. Personally I love to be pampered makeup done hair done nails done it makes me feel good about my self and there’s nothing more that I’d love than to see other people happy and confident in themselves down to my work and what I’ve done for them! The beauty of working in this industry is that you meet so many amazing people and powerful women who have some insecurities and make them feel like they’re the baddest bitches in the world!

That is beautiful, what is some words you live by that you would like to tell others?

Work hard, play hard, strive to be the best you can be and let the haters hate! I love the world we live in and what people have created it’s amazing! But there is so much hate in this worst that it hurts to see! There is so much discrimination and racism and hatred, what I’ve been taught and grew up knowing is that everyone is equal and everyone is beautiful! I personally would love people to realize their worth in this world and don’t let the negativity get to them the world is full of jealousy and no matter where you go it will always be lingering but jealousy is just a sign that you’re doing something right and that you have what others strive to have! Everyone is beautiful, everyone is equal and everyone no matter what race, color, religion, shape or size they are all have a place in this world and all have a reason to be here! Nobody was put here to fight a battle they weren’t meant to!

FACTS!!!! What is a goal you are striving to achieve right now?

A big goal in my life at the moment is to live a life different to my biological parents. Growing up with what is meant to be your biggest inspiration and you’re the biggest fans is not what I had as a child with my parents both alcoholics and drug users I grew up realizing what I want in life is to see the world and live a life of happiness and kindness not a world of addiction and crime! I want to live a better life than what I’ve experienced at such a young age from people that are meant to teach me the rights from wrongs! As I’m growing up each day closer to becoming a beautician and starting my own family I’ve learned that my own children will be taught the right way to live life and for them to see the good in the world and kindness in people! I strive to teach the people I come across day to day and my own kids in time to come that family is everything! My goal is to show people closest to me that they can depend on me and that they can learn the right way of living from me!

This is beautiful, ❤️ wow, what is a moment in your life that was life-changing?

Going into foster at the age of 9 was a life-changing experience! I get a second chance at life that I never thought I’d get, I was crying out for a normal family at only the age of 9 never in a million years did I ever think my prayers would have been answered! I grew up living with a toxic family and a life of hardship. I then met 2 of the most amazing people that I could ever have asked for I couldn’t even to put into words the type of people they are! They are parents that any child would only dream of having I got a whole different outlook on life for nearly 10 years and learned what the world really is and what I myself was really capable of than going down the wrong path like many people in my family! They brought out the best in me and showed me I what I could achieve with just a little hard work. My whole life changed for the best when I was fostered at 9 and I wouldn’t change a thing about it at only the age of 18 I have already achieved so much my whole life has changed!

And that’s a blessing, I’m so happy that you’re living such a wonderful life it makes me smile, what does love mean to you?

Love to me is when someone goes out of their way to make you happy! Love is when someone is willing to prioritize your well-being and happiness above their own! Love to me is the most important thing to have in your life. That sense of love rids all your worries and feels like an escape from the hectic lives we’re all living! Coming home to a person who loves you dearly and puts you above anyone else makes you feel like you’ve won at life and nothing else matters! Love is everywhere and everyone has the ability to love❤

Wow! That’s just so lovely to hear that, warms my heart, last question what is a way you would like to contribute to the world?

I would like to make a change to this world, I would love to spread love and positivity to everyone and for everyone to know there is a light at the end of every tunnel! What I would love most is for people to feel the same happiness that I feel the world would be a much better place, I’d love to contribute to this world hope and that people can see beyond the hatred and that people can learn to accept everyone for whom they and for whom they are to become! The world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people! One main thing I’d love to contribute to this world is kindness🦋

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