I’m a junior athletic training student at Hofstra university on Long Island, I live in lindenhurst Suffolk County with my mom and dad, I’m 20 years old but act 40 sometimes lol, and I work A LOTTTT at a pizzeria and my other job in a physical therapy office

Oh, wow you’re a hardworking woman, what is your everyday motivation to get through each day?

Haha! Yes very! My motivation every day is myself and to be able to say I got everything I wanted on my own to make my mom proud

What is some words of wisdom that you live by every day?

There’s a few I live by but one that sticks out would have to be along the lines of making your own path and following it because I was never one to do what everyone else was doing, I like “being different” and doing whatever I want to make myself happy

What is your definition of love?

To me love is what you find by yourself for yourself, you can’t obtain it through another individual, to be happy energy should be used on yourself not on someone else to make them happy as well.

I hope you get through it all you’re special❤ what is a goal that you are striving for right now?

Right now my main priority is getting my masters then onto grad school while being financially stable

Last question, what is a way you would like to contribute to the world with what is going on today?

I try to be kind to everyone and anyone I see walking past me on the street, coming into my job, or a table next to me at a restaurant. I think the key is talking with people and making them feel comfortable with you, there’s too much hate, so I want to put some peace out there

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