My name is Mark Boylan. Born on November 1st 2000. Raised in limerick, Ireland. At young age first diagnosed with Alopecia to then recently getting again over lockdown and to actually to now live with Alopecia and be myself and to advocate a lot about Had tough 8/9 years in school living with it to where I left and didn’t get my exams done. Always had passion for hospitality industry. Now working in the 5-star savoy hotel full time for last two years. Looking invest in own hospitality business in the future.  Very passionate for hospitality and supporting local businesses. Have made a lot of contacts since I finished school and now have a very high reputation in this industry. I have proven to my friends and family that exams aren’t everything if you work hard and have a good mindset for the industry you’ll go far. I also love to play the local sports of G.A.A. “hurling for my local club Na Piarsaigh in limerick.

What inspires you get through every day?

I thinks it’s actually looking forward to going into work in the savoy hotel meeting new guests and old guests asking about it and to make sure to tell them and them all being so supportive and saying it suits me. And on my days off I love to learn the new tricks of the hospitality trade by doing online courses. So that’s what inspires everyday waking up to make the guests in the hotel have a smile on their face and to get the service there paying for.

What is some words you live by that you would like to share with the world?

In life if you’re willing to put in the hours to work or study you will get the results. To enjoy your life to the best with family friends or colleagues One thing I would also say that “everything happens for a reason”  as I wouldn’t be in looking to open business and two years working  in amazing  5-star hotel in limerick getting all the training by great management and staff

What is a moment in life that was life-changing for you?

When I was first diagnosed with Alopecia in primary school and now to finally come out about it in 19th June 2020.

What is a huge goal that you want to achieve out of life?

The goal for me is to hopefully get my own business open in the future in this industry, to have a good income to support my parents, family in future if needed. And to prove people about what I mean about not all about education for everyone but you better be willing to work hard and have passion, Also saving up at the moment to get into property investment.

Goals bro! What are your thoughts on the world today and what would you do to contribute to the world?

Especially at this moment of time I think it’s very hard for everyone to deal with lockdown and COVID-19- 19. But we are all in it together, follow the rules by government!

I think the world can be a cruel place for everyone at some point of their life. You just got to push through it and  live your life to the best, you have support off family friends. 

I would like to give a special metion to the frontline workers fighting against this deadly virus. 

It has affected a lot of businesses around the world.

The tourism and hospitality industry would be up at the highest affected business around the world I think during this time so people to support local businesses and to stay local and to follow guidelines , And for everyone to stay safe cause this virus will be around for while until some sort of vaccine is made

Last question, what kind of legacy do you want to leave in this world?

Anyone suffering or not enjoying school or college and have a passion for something else take the risk and do it cause if you don’t you’ll never wonder what it would be like. 

I would love to be known for the kid who left school to become owner of few restaurants or hotels!😉, You’re the only person making out what you want your life to be!

Honorable Mention

Savoy Hotel, Limerick Ireland

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