My name is Issy Burke, I am a 19 year old University student, studying Professional Policing in the town of Cheltenham, UK. I was born in Scotland but have lived in England since I was 8. 

What is something you are passionate about?

Horse riding and fitness, Started doing bodybuilding when I met my boyfriend in January

What are some words you live by every day that you can tell others?

To not give up on the stuff you love and to try and be the best you can be

What is your thoughts on the world today?

That it’s fast moving

What is a way you would contribute to the world with what is going on today?

Try to spread awareness of world issues

What is a goal you are striving to achieve right now?

To get into my universities first riding team, to reach my fitness goals and to be the best version I can be of myself

Last question, what does love mean to you?

A deep and strong connection between two like-minded people, And love is a feeling that is both indescribable and a feeling that happens when you least expect it

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