So I am from the Essex in the UK. I’m currently working in Payroll however I would love to go into influencing or become an air hostess as I love to travel 🙂 xx

What some very nice things that you strive to be, so what kind of influencer would you be specifically and what is a brand you would love to collab with in the future?

I strive to be a good person in general and always wanting to help the less fortunate. I would love to get into the more fashion side of influencing. Collaborating with Pretty Little Thing or Missguided is a dream of mine x

What is your favorite place in the world you have traveled to?

Orlando, Florida. The most beautiful place on Earth. Full of happiness and is where dreams come true 🙂 x

Wow, I like that, very soothing to hear the way you said that because it’s true! What is some words of wisdom that you live by that you would like to tell other people in the world?

You only live once so do what makes you happy. Great things never come from comfort zones And last but definitely not least Don’t stop until YOU are PROUD.

Words to definitely live by, What is something in life you’ve struggled with in the past or present?

I really struggled when I found out my mum got abused by her partner and having to get her out of that relationship was a massive struggle as he made her think he loved her when all he did was hurt her 🤍 But she is stronger and so am I now x

That’s amazing she was able to pull through I’m truly proud and happy for that!. How would you contribute to our world with all the things that are going on today?

I would love to contribute to the BLM and help reach the goals and complete irradiate racism. And I do try and help as much as possible. Homelessness for the army needs to be improved drastically, they fought for our country and should never be left on the streets xx

That is truly something so amazing and lovely, What are some goals you have right now that you’ve been planning to achieve?

Aw! Thank you! Some goals and plans I would love to achieve are to be truly happy all the time and have a lot is success. I would love to be a part of ending poverty also DX

What are you planning to do for the rest of 2020? 🙂

I am planning to start a new career, travel more and spend more quality time with family and friends x

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