Okay, so I’m 22 years old, graduated with a first class honors degree in business management. I started off shadowing people on the USD government bond desk, Sterling Gilts desk and then Corporate repo desk at BGC before I was given a contract on the corporate repo desk, in which I have been working on for around 7 months now. I send trade tickets for 12 brokers, including a combination of European/ US Government trades, a range corporate trades in many currencies and UK Gilt trades. I have started studying for the Eurex trader exam which will allow me to send trades via the Eurex platform (mainly used for trades in Italian bonds) and understand that market, Once I have sent the tickets to the counterparties involved in the trade I then calculate the brokerage made and allocate this to the appropriate brokers. This therefore means my job is heavily influenced by math and numerical values which I enjoy working with. 

What was your inspiration to get into this field and how difficult was it in the beginning?

I’ve always had an interest in trading since I was young and used to go in with my uncle onto the trading floor at Barclays, so the fast-paced environment and having to work quickly/ accurately always appealed to me. To begin with it was hard as I have a lot of weight on my shoulders and a load of responsibility, as if I send any wrong values on a trade ticket it causes huge issues immediately or even further down the line. I had only had around a month and half of working on my own sending the tickets before lockdown began in which I was working from home. This proved a huge challenge as at this point I wasn’t completely knowledgeable about everything and relied on the help of the other in my team at certain points. However, I had no choice but to learn fast and improve my work performance and that’s what I did, Which I actually think was good-looking back at it as I’m so much better at my job now compared to what I think I would have been if I wasn’t forced to learn it and improve myself. 

What is some words of advice you would give to someone who is interested in what you do?

It’s a hard sector to get into especially in these times, however any opportunity that arises grab with both hands and run with it, because the potential earnings you can make in the future and travel opportunists you will get will be so worth it. The work can also be very stressful and at times you feel completely overwhelmed however use these times to learn and improve, You can only work as fast as you can and as long as you remain accurate and levelheaded you can be successful in sending tickets and working your way to getting your own clients to become a senior broker

What is a goal that you are striving to achieve right now?

So right now I’m striving to achieve my Eurex trading qualification, I’m beginning the 4-month revision and learning process before I take this,  But also I’m trying to put myself out there to develop relationships with traders from around the world and different banks, in the hopes of networking and achieving my own client base, in which I can break for and progress in my career. 

Last question, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2020!

You can expect that I will work as hard as I can to improve my work productivity, and anywhere I can help to generate trades for my fellow brokers, as well as trying to network as much as I can with new people to get my name out there in the hopes of finding the best clients that are right for me, I know the whole process of becoming a senior broker is long and takes time, however I am passionate for my job and don’t see why I can’t progress at a fast rate to be very successful in only a short space of time.

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