Read The Story Of Kit Brown Who Is Inspiring The Lives Of Others As A School Teacher and Role Model While Reaching His Other Goals.


So my name is Kit Brown, I’m a year 4 primary school teacher from Hertfordshire, England.

What’s it like being a teacher?

Rewarding. I don’t do it for the money, I do it to change lives. Some children, like myself when I grew up, had no positive male role model to look up to. I’m grateful that I’m now in a position where I can be that role model. Primary schools are crying out for more male educators, even more so black male educators. I really feel like I’m making a difference and fulfilling my purpose. It’s challenging, but everyday I’m reminded at least once, why I do it.

That’s incredible yo!, What is some words of wisdom you would give to your students and to people around the world?

No dream is too big or too small. No matter your circumstances, if you put your heart and mind to something, you can achieve it. I always tell the children in my class they can be anything they want to be in life, it’s important to aim high and chase what you want to achieve with all you have.

What is a life goal that you plan to teach among each of your students that enter your class? 

Outside of education, find happiness, in everything you do. Find your own happiness & find how to make others happy!

What is something you’ve struggled with in life, past or present?

Set backs in sport, I played football at a really high level, it was all I dreamed of doing and it was a real possibility at one point, when I didn’t get offered a contract I felt lost with no direction. When I had to look for alternatives, I turned my passion of working with children into something I could see myself doing as a career. It’s so important to have a plan B. Thankfully now I have my teaching career and I still play football to a high standard, semi-professionally. I still have the same drive and determination in both aspects of my life and the setbacks have only made me hungrier to achieve more in education and in football.

What is a goal you are striving for right now?

In education, I want to continue making a difference educating, day to day. Eventually I want to become a headteacher and change lives on a bigger scale.   In football, I’m still as hungry as ever and I put in more work than I ever have, I want to get to the highest level I can possible, and I fully believe I will get there.  & on a personal level, this year has taught me a lot. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m learning from them now. 2020 has shown me what matters most and I feel like everyday I’m maturing and growing as a person. Life is short, so we can’t take for granted what we have right now. I just want to continue bettering myself and learning from past mistakes to become a better person

Last question brother, what is some ways you want to contribute to the world with what’s going on besides teaching?

I think by continuing to spread a message of love, equality & understanding. Globally 2020 has brought to light social and racial injustices that have been prevalent for some time. Hopefully this year can be the catalyst for a real change to start to happen. I want to play as much as a role in that as I can. Being a young black primary school teacher, hopefully I’ve started to break down small barriers and stereotypes that are part of a bigger picture. I want to leave my mark on the world and be in a position to pass that same mentality on to my children in the future.

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