My Name is Maleek Hill, I’m 18, I’m from Hampton Va, I am Majoring in Musical Theatre at James Madison University (Class of 2024), and I want to go into Broadway/Television once my 4 years of college is up.

What was your inspiration to get into theatre?

Something always drew me to performing and having that light on you. Allowing others to get counseling through your acting…. You never know what someone is going through so stepping into a new character and allowing someone to get clarity just by your acting has always touched me. Plus I grew up watching Disney Channel, and I knew that one day that would be me. I’m very outgoing and always speak my mind so when I realized you could go to school for it, I didn’t hesitate to audition.

What is some words of wisdom you can give to others to strive for their goals and dreams just like you are doing?

Take the money out of the situation, If you can still do the same job you doing without the money + the stress and hard times then that’s where you need to be, if your unsure tap into a passion of yours, and if you know what makes you happy do it regardless of what others say because when you have those great days many will ask “how’d you do it” and your answer would be I allowed my faith to conquer my fear !

Who are your favorite actors?

Me, I’m my favorite actor. I’m humble but I got to start speaking it into existence. Allowing myself to be my favorite has and will always allow me to amaze myself. Try to better than I was yesterday!

That’s a very good answer ✊🏾 best to better yourself every day, What is something you’ve struggled with in life past or present?

I always struggled with acceptance from others, and it’s something I’m not fully over yet. But I’m way better than where I started. I have to be true to myself and allow others to love me FOR me not for whom I make them feel like, because they at night when I’m alone I won’t be making myself happy! So even if I stand alone I’m fine as long as I’m standing tall.

What are some goals you are wanting to achieve right now?

Finish my Freshmen in the Dean’s List. Continue to grow and learn more. Strengthen my resume and my faith in God. Continuing to be me and striving to be on Broadway/television.

What type of films or show genres would you like to be on?

Honesty I have no preference but probably romance, drama, and/or Comedy.

Fair enough, last question what can we expect from you for the rest of 2020? 🙏🏿

Gratitude, tomorrow isn’t promise, so I have to work like today is my last day! I’m truly blessed to even make it this far with everything going on. I truly thank God for every thing he gives me.

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