MEZZUS, Musician Artist from East Coast

When did you Start Making Music and What Inspired you to do it?
Late 2015, I wasn’t too well at it but my inspiration was from a bad past and sought out and saw rappers doing their thing. and i was inspired to create music myself.

What is your favorite genre to make music with and what genre do you listen to?

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

I’m very diverse, I want to create different genres and become a versatile artist, when it comes to music I listen to it all depends on my mood that I am feeling.

What would you like to say that is going on in the world?

As people, we need to come together, if we keep going on this path of destruction we are going to keep hurting each other, so we should continue to love and build one another up.

What is your dream collab? Dead or alive

Dead: Capital Steez & XXXTentacion
Alive: Erykah Badu

How many songs would you say you have stored for release right now?

2 mixtapes and other tracks that are stored.

What is your stance on BLM Movement?

It shows progress and it’s a good movement and there are some instances where it can be very violet but overall it’s a very good movement, my words of wisdom is don’t go protesting without a gun.

What advice would you give new and upcoming artists?

Work on yourself and your music, do what you deem necessary for yourself, manifest in your dream and don’t do anything that can hurt anybody.

What can expect from you the rest of 2020?

New mixtape release in October, brand dropping in November, push the music out more, start shows even though COVID-19 is happening but me and my team are working.

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