I’m Demarco the producer out of Brooklyn. I’m a music producer. I started out producing because buying beats was way too expensive. My homie and I guess you could say my mentor back then Jorge was producing for me and my boy MALICE and LVVRRS. He moved back to DC and left me with all his equipment and the stuff he taught me here and there about music. Ever since then I’ve been a producer.

What was your inspiration to become a producer and what else would you like to involve yourself in with the music industry?

My inspiration was all the music I listened to as a kid. I used to listen to a lot of rock and I wanted to bring that large anthem instrumental sound to hip-hop
As for what else I want to do in the music industry, I recently registered my company Dungeon records as an LLC. I plan on turning it into a juggernaut. I really just want to create a label where artists feel like artists instead of cash cows y’know.

What is your dream collab?

T minus for sure
He’s the producer I studied most when I was learning

What is something you’ve struggled with in life and what helped you get through it?

That’s a tough one. I’ve probably struggled with keeping myself grounded in one thing very long. I realize that if I apply myself I can develop all of my interests at once without spreading myself thin or neglecting anything
Just gotta keep learning and never presume to know enough to stop

I like the way you put that bro! What is some words of wisdom you would give to other people around the world?

If you can’t be alone in a room with yourself and your thoughts you’ll end up letting goofy niggas dictate your path in life.
The answer’s to your problems are already inside you. Find em.

Yo this is straight facts! What is some ways you would like to contribute to our world with the things that are going on today?

I want to make enough money to pay lobbyists to push for education reform in schools in neighborhoods with high minority populations. I think the answer to the problem of Generational trauma is to teach our black, indigenous and Latino youth about their pre-colonial history. Second we need to teach kids money management and finance. I’m in school for finance and the gap between what I learned in high school regarding finance and economics in relation to my white counterparts Is significant. Lastly I want to buy land to build infrastructure for my family and community at large so future generations don’t have to endure the bullshit I had too lol. After that I plan on becoming a hermit or something like that.😂😂😂

Aha, ha 😂😂 that is super dope bro you’ve got quite a Mission you’re on, What are your goals that you have right now that you are trying to achieve?

Simple, get more placements, finish my degree.

That’s a bet bro and the last question what can we expect from you for the rest of 2020?

My first EP and some really dope collabs.

Demarco’s Work

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