Well, my name is Bruno Sircan, producer in the breaking through to the world, also graphic designer and audio engineer from Europe Croatia

Wow! That’s a lot of work you do, so first I would like to ask if you could choose what your favorite job is out of those three which one would you say is the best and why?

Hm, little hard to pick but I’ll go with being a producer because it all started out of fun, became hobby and now I’m seriously in that area working my best to start getting some serious income off of it

What was your motivation in being where you are in life now, what struggles did you face to get to the spot you’re in?

My motivation was like, I wanted and I want more of life you know, like not to live it ordinary like every day going to the job going home living that boring ordinary life, just to be more to get more live a life that would be happy some day with all the stuff I’ve done accomplish and did, experience I had you know. TBH the realest struggle with everyone that want to get somewhere at young age it will always be money and financials, for example for me, in the beginning I was working on shitty equipment that I could afford, now I’ve got real deal studio equipment and improved my skills to a whole next level and I’m always improving day by day, you really aint never done learning new shit, there is so many things out there to learn and all that, so theres that

What advice would you give to those who want to do what you do or want to become an entrepreneur?

Trust in yourself, never let anybody to put you down or look at you like you’re never going to make it, its because they  are looking at you from their perspective, they can’t achieve something like you could so dont let em to distract you from what you set up yourself you want to do, of course you won’t get great overnight, with time you learn and get better, never quit trying, you’re going to make it, we all are, just be yourself, believe in yourself, trust me, nobody can tell you what you can nor can’t.

What is your thoughts on the world today, is there anything you would like to change in our society today or tell anything to the people in the world.

Hm, thats debatable, I mean nothing bad now but my opinion on that subject now is that, I stopped bothering, because what ever we do, what ever we try I dont think we could change to the better, even if we’d make it, it would be for some short period of time, because humanity got really corrupted, I mean there is more % of corrupted and bad people than good ones normal ones you know what I mean, so if we could get better and have better life to live in a good world, we’d need a really hardcore will and mind power for next 50 approx. 70 years to accomplish that, to have peace, but thats again not possible, because of violence and again all other sorts of things and circumstances… I could go on about this for hours, but what it is, we have got to stay positive no matter what how hard it gets, it’s the only way to keep going and to be of healthy mind

That’s very true that’s a very good thought to have Bruno, last question, what are your goals for the rest of 2020 and what can we expect from you in 2021?

Well first to stay healthy and wish everyone to stay healthy and safe from this pandemic around us, goals, well I’m starting to record music with artists soon in my studio, so hoping to things take off strong, and for 2021 I really dont know cant tell, lets give a space chance to surprise us all to make it more interesting.

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